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The inheritance between the brothers the sale of stock

15-12-2016 - 6:05 PM - by: garip-gurbetci

All 5 of us staying in 3 separate title deeds from our Father we have brothers and Heritage. A 5-storey Condominium, land and sea operation by non-A B & B. The apartment can be sold now, one of my brothers says he wants. At me I want to buy his shares. My question is...(Read All.

can I get legal aid

07-12-2016 - 6:58 PM - by: üçhüyük
good day, I have land in my village but the land of Heritage is vested in the heirs of my dear departed wife, because there are people who will need to be sold by means of execution by court order, but my financial possibilities are limited and inadequate and they want me to get a court order if I can't get the case open bar...(Read All.

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Legal Protection Insurance...
How to get legal protection insurance, what is the significance? Promotional video about a special legal protection insurance that protects your rights. For more detailed information: https://sigorta.hukuki.net

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