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    Tanımlı Placed on Public real estate Foreclosure timeout Disconnects?

    In 2008, the public prosecutor issued by the public real estate foreclosure due to administrative fines by the Tax Office was put on in 2013. Real estate foreclosures the introduction of the 5-year time-out cuts? Also the real estate foreclosure real estate foreclosure the deed in the person by agreeing with this public public to purchase, would you stop?

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    Gayrimenkul Üzerine Konulan Kamu Haczi Zaman Aşımını Keser mi? konulu yargıtay kararı ara
    Gayrimenkul Üzerine Konulan Kamu Haczi Zaman Aşımını Keser mi? konulu hukuk haber

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    Tanımlı Answer: the timeout Disconnects placed on Public real estate Foreclosure?

    Each transaction timeout disconnects.
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