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Subject: About the trial

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    Tanımlı About the trial

    I had a 03.09.2016, I was taken from work No. 4 and also with an exit code of 22.08.2017. 30 at work running on top of the flour. 12 days before my 1 year was over I was laid off from work for annual leave payment and severance pay on my side and compensation report (has said We will do (although) pay. Let's work on this subject that I can open a case only if there is a case I have to return or else. The lawyer in this lawsuit are mandatory? When I sued myself, on my side of the court is allocated to a free lawyer? I stayed for 1 week and I'd appreciate it if you helped to open the case.

    I wish you good day.

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    Tanımlı Answer: about the trial help

    However, it is not according to our laws is very important. Exit within 1 month from the date of return should be filed. Don't miss it. If necessary, you can open the case later necessary for severance and other labor rights...
    Similar saatlerimize comments about Justice. Many different places at the kendininkine but everyone trusts. (French proverb) because of this law and trust law. In fact they guarantee their citizens ...

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