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    Tanımlı There is nothing to include in the contract.

    Hi, first I will speak on behalf of my family. Sitting right now in the history of the previous tenants, like he gave 1 month's rent is always late, does not bring 10% we say between 15-20 brings water, electricity, natural gas didn't get on, and he won't return our phone calls owes subscriptions that we want to get out of the house. I spoke about this with someone I know about this is not a contract that the rent is late on top of that subscriptions had told you you didn't said to give one answer to the petition attorney's office said You have to pay a fee if it does not open if the file is opened, you'll be able to get away with the prosecution, the paper said. We wanted to call the police, we didn't invite which is not allowed, we'd stick with the rent unpaid debts, and now they're moving or even if they go before you leave the house what can we do, what can we do.

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    Petition Contracts
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    Tanımlı Answer: there is nothing to include in the contract.

    In this regard, the prosecution can take any action. Because the decision is given to a contractual issue and a legal issue. The solution is in contradiction to the Convention on the tenant, eviction for unpaid Fees the Executive is doing to open the case and tracking.
    Similar saatlerimize comments about Justice. Many different places at the kendininkine but everyone trusts. (French proverb) because of this law and trust law. In fact they guarantee their citizens ...

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