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Select the name Legal Net membership. Real first name-last name you can also alias such as that you can use.

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Additional Information required (the Profile)

Republic of Turkey remain HIDDEN for Your Citizenship, only SITE ADMINISTRATION would be able. TC. If you do not know your ID TC identification of learning You can learn from. False information to membership is for stopping

Mobile phone number other members will remain CONFIDENTIAL, and only would be able SITE ADMINISTRATION. If there is no mobile phone, you can also type of fixed-line phone. (If incorrect information is to stop It.)

Above alias as user name or real name, and you may have used your last name. However, for safety reasons real name, and it is ESSENTIAL that you need to type in your last name here. The list below will remain HIDDEN as you type your knowledge is true, only SITE MANAGEMENT will occur. False information to membership is for stopping

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You recommend a forum As a member if the member's nickini, please enter the following panel.

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Forum administrators from time to time to send important senses.

If the announcements what to-day after receiving this if you do not wish to receive this option you can leave off. Recommended yoneticilerdenden all future hubby is happy announcement E-A condition.

Forum Rules

To become a member rules forum you have to accept it is necessary to carefully read and understand.


Free registered on the site, but if you check the box rules sayılmaktasınız agree. If you want to give up Membership exists as the Please click here.

    Important Reminder:
  1. Legal Net, legal advisory system is not. Objective legal information sharing. Legal and scientific Questions but includes a value forums still discussed.
  2. YAHOO.COM HOTMAIL MYNET.COM, extension, e-mail addresses and membership requests sometimes occurs in. This e-mail boxes that are sent from system due to its features of automatic e-mail escrow service. However, YAHOO, HOTMAIL, MYNET ( * ) e-mail addresses, and the member, and If you require bulk items, junk or SPAM Mail boxes must be replaced and then see our next maillerin as SPAM in order to be 'SPAM' in the NOTE.
  3. Legal NET. membership is free, and forums, The purpose the purpose of the legal sharing of information. Membership Members of the names, and they will be responsible for personally for these messages, posts will be on a public, internet search engines and other Internet resources issue they accept. On the other cancellation of membership by the member, as it is not possible to site is not possible to delete messages that have been added. Non-Members site information ekleyemeyecekler gezebileceklerdir site, however.
  4. Site agreed to provide free legal advisory is not available. The purpose of the site is to provide general legal information, for personal legal issues you Avukatınıza We recommend that you. you asked questions in forums, if it has sufficient legal data and personal consulting request nitelendirilmedigi as, as long as members can be answered by any other site. Site administration site members or any questions asked there is no obligation to have to answer. Legal information sharing Forum, has been established on the basis of different objective gudenlerin entries will be deleted.
  5. If the following forum rules and Site Rulesand if you agree to have read please click on 'I accept' option and then click the 'Register' button.
    Forum Rules
  6. Legal post in our Forum and the scientific literature can be burned. Meantime, the law and ethics are not contrary to common decency, obscene images or Link to add is strictly prohibited. reviewers would otherwise access rights will be taken immediately.
  7. Information received from any queries you may have or that the file itself is solely responsible for the user that is only consequences. An information sharing platform Forum and from here to use the freedom of information and files are owned by user completely.
  8. A new Topic Forum participants Title before turning on the issue of whether there is present forum must hand over. For this, the forum search feature can be used. Same name or the same debate over Issues that can not be opened.
  9. The official language is English. will be enrolled in English English forum section should be used.
  10. Short Message Bus, the Legal ask a question. to type in your questions and comments Forumlardır only.
  11. Administrators might not see any written message. A message that people who run before it happens, please report to administrators responsible for parts.
  12. English spelling rules that do not match with the lower case letter topics and sentences will be deleted.
  13. Message when you type to use only capital letters and exclamation sayısızlık means that it is for the future of all phrase do not perform using a capital letter. Topic headers topic content that indicates that you must select in the summing up. With non-related subject headings can be deleted. This means that given the objections will not be considered.
  14. Forum topics to be written must be recorded in the relevant topics. This means that we will ask you to pay particular attention to, if not, by the management forumunuzun clearing will be out of the question.
  15. Select name, while Members who were fraudulently appear Political Purposes, to write articles, Advertising is not permitted. As a picture is absolutely obscene or political Images and it is definitely secilmemeli Icon, a Political Party Logos must not be used. If it does not, Your membership will be deleted!
  16. Long time Forum entry, any topic can be deleted message yazmayanların Memberships you have it there is no appeal.
  17. For Administrators, the above-mentioned article written in a non-registered they decide to post or silerler transfers section. This is why type of object to be deleted in wording can be read or answer Administrator sole discretion.
  18. by Management Forum, the same person more than one alias or user name, such as different individuals belirttiginin view same topic When working on the case of a person, all of the messages are deleted and Boarda input is will still connected to it, are of the same person with more than one email address by referring to the different names, and registered with a view to the active Membership are deleted immediately.
  19. Site and forum's operation and to inform participants on the rules of Moderatorlerin Adminlerin or not. Participants read and must comply with the rules.
  20. Not at all on a forum about this forum (especially) or the contact and the institutions and defamatory, offensive, defamatory words cannot be used. In contrast to their members and that no one at any time without notice ihtarda will be deleted immediately!
  21. Any other member for that morality and legislation or degrading words, or using the forum users who want peace of mind that comes to miss forumumuzdan immediately turn off.
  22. Participants that do not comply with Rules Forum writing forum will be blocked. This operation also yapılabılır ihtarda subject to change without notice.
  23. Forum Rules change, and change all the time, then it is valid. This is why, the 'there will be a rule that When there was no appeal' so that it cannot be checked.
  24. Each member that is a member site, Membership Kurallarini have read and agree to be bound by all sayılacagından, subsequently concluded a unaware of is not acceptable.
  25. Other forums that require membership invitation messages and advertisements including KM's is strictly prohibited. Please ensure that this status report site administrators. If this is the case the member will BAN indefinitely. (Access will be stopped).
    Privacy policy
  26. Personal information about you when you sign Forum: personal bilgileriz forum administrators only bugs will appear. You have just entered when you want you can change information. (Your User Name is not included)
  27. User name to 'real name' to use in your profile, and you can also look in your photos. For example: Av. Fatih who heard you can get a name of the user. Turkish letters kullanalıbilmektedir (on our web site.)
  28. Users with personal information about the elections is not responsible for site management. it is so important to remember to all information typed on a public information will become.
  29. This agreement will be governed by us (in this or any other place where specified) regardless of whether or not submitted by inappropriate or gayriyasal by us data on deleting or changing the authorized kılmaktasınız. legislation within a site that is not the case, these messages were not responsible for the message and the information, such as membership silecegimiz path for the suspension You agree to go on.
  30. A cookie is a cookie, s: s, (cookies) we will have personal information-gathering tool, will no longer use.
  31. Logged into the site and Forums to be able to use your browser's cookies are blocked for (cookies) it is necessary to be open. Cookies user name, the password, the image and the language choices by pressing and holding your computer's memory will give you access to a site. ( *** If you are having a problem in this district explorer, netscape, etc. viewer settings of the cookies, which are active in the making. Internet options as well as the extent to which security option, as you can see our site 'Trusted sites' you need to add the right solution)

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