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™ Trademark, patent and intellectual property rights-how protected is it?
Hukuki.Net’s copyright and search for 2014-2019 Brand Registration Protection Levent Patent is provided by.
♾️ Machine What are the features hardware and software?
Hukuki.Net as your dedicated hosting server is actually able to manage heavy traffic CUBECDNvmware ESX server, Hyper-V, virtual server (Virtual Server), Sql Express and are using cloud hosting technology. In terms of web software, content management (content management) due to the large portion, etc., whether it is created with WordPress there are sections of the various codes and the like.
Which languages are used?
Native Language: Turkish🇹🇷. 🌐 Foreign language translation: to be valid in the desktop version; English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hin, Russian and Arabic. (This will be increased in the future of foreign language translation options, whether with some internet translation software are provided automatically.
The site's webmaster, Hostmaster, SEO expert PHP developer and security expert, who is?
👨💻 Feyz Pazarbasi et al.
® What does the code involve the placement of advertising space and advertising?
Internet advertising such as Google AdSense and the ads are generally published on the launch the best, most trusted sources and agencies by automatically (ex officio) are placed. Their source, Turkey, the USA, the UK, Germany and the European Union origin of the source code of several products. These content daily foreign exchange and stock market, forex earning money, exim loans, internet banking, debit and credit card promotions readily available investment tools and techniques of earning money from the internet, such as, office rent, insurance, foreign language schools, such as educational demonstrations, and car rental immovable goods for sale or for rent, second-hand movable property, all worth related to free classifieds or free ads, regimen, diet, and human health such as private health insurance, may include such items as vacation and hotel advertisements. Ad publishers: ads.txt file.
‼️ The objection in the record (reservation) What are the issues?
We do not no control over the ads in question. For this reason, especially the law of Lawyering, such as lawyer ads, etc by professional legislation restricted, banned or have been subject to the introduction of certain rules, we are not legally liable for.
Where the reference is 📧 communication and advertising?
☏ Contact with the site of an investment adviser by 2019, and Advertising marketing For Contact It is advisable to ask you need to set up.