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  1. Do you have?

    Do you have?

    Tasitanl the teachings of the past and the future isn't clipping the wings of freedom?
    That lasted for thousands of years, feuds, betrayal, and hostilities...
    Death, torture, cruelty...
    No meat, eksilt, deflate, finish...
    If I can do it, don't do it, I should get him too...

    If someone objects, the knob on the head, let it die.

    I love that girl you [I
    I'm going to buy the land water
    I'm that country.
  2. You cannot soil o officials

    The child who was raped anus hole is torn in two different directions towards both the front and back. Also torn with the rapist's sperm flowing into the intestines and stools iltihaplandirmis all the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. Hours surgically two separate 60-odd inseam, 20-odd stitches to the foreign boy, but sit down. Diskilayab is fed with liquid food without blowing up the seams so you can only prevent hardening of the stool and the laxative is given to a continuous; therefore, ...
  3. The Rights Of Consumers Who Have Purchased The Vehicle With Zero Miles

    In this article, consumers who have purchased the vehicle defects that arise in their vehicles to zero miles (errors/failures) which may apply due to legal about the ways we will try to explain.

    The Law on the protection of consumers No. 6502, entered into force on 28.05.2014 date and the transitional provisions titled” temporary 1. Article: “ (1) this Act enters into force before the date they were opened in the courts in cases which have been opened continues to be seen. (2) this Act comes into force from the date
  4. The ECHR compensation cases feto hk

    Zeynep NAS Izmir Deputy answering the question on the motion, Justice Minister Hamid Gul, gave information on applications to the ECtHR and decisions. Accordingly, the ECHR against Turkey; 2006 2328, 2007, 2828, 2008, 3706, 2009, 4474, 2010, 5821, 2011, 8668, 2012, 9098, 2013, 3505, 2014, 1584, 2212 in 2015, in 2016 8308 reference. The ECtHR case against Turkey in 2012, 117, 2013, 118, 2014, 94, 77, 79 2015 2016 decided to violate.


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  5. I'll fix some

    Establishing a Kurdish state in the East and Southeast to the efforts of the slightest opposition from the sheiks didn't explain I find that ironic. Kurdish Teali Islamic organization is still active I wonder? In Syria and Iraq, they openly supported and even in this way, they see it permissible to cooperate with organisations such as the PKK in Turkey, not even the ones in hell not a description of what is going on feels.

    Moreover, the last founded by the British, this Kurdish-Mahdi Islamic organisation atasa 10000lerce tomorrow ...
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