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  1. Some identification I

    It is known that in the case of feto penalties began to come. Usually membership in the Organization for 6 years, these people have kids, wife, and asked Why is being punished? How are they punished? How much food and drink, schools, leases, their social life, what is happening to their patients, the state will develop a mechanism to them, or review them?

    The crime or the punishment is too personal, and in general the dependents of those in prison that they had a humanitarian measure, it is the responsibility of the state ...
  2. Shouldn't the President never read

    Shouldn't the President never read

    Ahmed Agha Deputy in the Constitutional Assembly there was named Malatya. That person, in the Parliament which was elected from the Party of Union and progress did not promise anything except for the oath-taking ceremony. Talat Pasha, a dissident with the idea that their could be her secret to be found in parliament's cafeteria for a meeting with him he's offered. Himself here:

    “Ahmed Aga,” he said. “You open your mouth and say something ...
  3. The case is the latest escalation in feto

    The case is the latest escalation in feto

    Today, while browsing Internet news sites that I read “the list of those who forgive the victim has been compromised” on the news, “enough is enough” I had to say.
    Feto aspects are not recognized while known more now, thousands of people with spiritual emotions completely, gave its support to the activities of this structure. Who recommended to mobile phones to communicate yourself programs who uploaded the sacrifice, the sacrifice under the name of, he believed, for financial support to this structure to know for sure ...
  4. The control condition CSO

    The control condition CSO

    The strengthening and expansion of field operations of civil society organizations is admirable, but provided they have been subject to independent audit.
    Especially for students who work for foundations, associations, corporate or not, should be invariably under strict control and the entire congregation and community activities this audit should be carried out by independent audit institutions.


    Demanded obedience, obedience is forced obedience that blesses the bastards ...
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