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  1. The dent in the face of a consumer rights issue, and needs to be done

    In this article, zero miles, resulting in consumers who have purchased their vehicles or second hand vehicles dent and/or surge problem may apply because of, and even they have to refer to it we will try to explain the legal ways that we think about.

    First, the dent and the problem of the fluctuation in the language of the law, "shame" we give the name. Article content "shame" from the word dent that needs to be understood and/or surge problem.

    6502 ...
  2. The rights issue

    Every lawyer, like my colleagues, I also I have power of attorney in the present case, is justified in the case of my first client and my conscience whether someone is making the case of the first accounting never with bad intentions, I don't take. Welcome to God of injustice from being kept on the side.
    You're pointing us to an informal Justice of the manifestation of intention and effort. Amen.
    The manifestation of Justice is the side of a lawyer. The efforts of this profession itibarsizlastirma under judgment from worrying to do, wrong is right ...
  3. Linked credit agreements and the responsibility of the lending institution

    Linked credit agreements and the responsibility of the lending institution

    The Law No. 6502 on the protection of consumers “Attached loansentitled, ” 30. the substance is as follows:

    1-linked credit contract is a specific agreement for the provision of consumer credit exclusively for the financing of goods or services was issued, and these two contracts from the objective point of an economic union creates a contract.

    2-The existence of an economic union;

  4. Vehicle Odometer On The Rights Of Persons Who Have Purchased Reduced

    Second-hand vehicle sales, brings multiple problems. Perhaps most importantly of grievances their buyers a decreased odometer tool to purchase. In legal terms this situation “shame” that is considered. Lower odometer at the same time, according to the Penal Code "crime"type.

    In this article, in this way defective (decreased odometer) which may apply to persons who purchased the vehicle, we'll make a statement about the legal ways. Miles ...

    27-04-2018 Updated at 11:20:16 by Av.Orhan AKA

    Legal Terms: The, A court case, drop, miles, sales
  5. A Production Stamp Duty

    A Production Stamp Duty

    Exporter of cotton purchases from abroad during the Customs Directorate and abroad presented by this company in the certificate of origin arranged between the manufacturer of the product with a “contract” that is signed by a statement by the company as a contract by considering the relevant customs office, the import process for the completion of the “contract” for payment of stamp duty is mandatory, otherwise the import process will be indicated. ...
    Legal Terms: stamp duty
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