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  1. After 15 July

    The congregation, click it, and the danger of the tendency of the sect of structuring the state to get the measure of potential entrants to their early diagnosis, the survival of the state.

    To this day the way it came that the bureaucratic structure of the state, will continue tomorrow if it is naive to expect anything from this state.

    The logic of the benefice should be abandoned, should be merit-based in each level under all conditions. The state should not be allowed into the establishment of the congregation never a clique group.
    If not, this state ...
  2. Position Against The Creditors Of The Company That Is Assigned Qayyim

    The Code of Criminal Procedure “for the determination of the trustees for the management of the company titled” 133. In the article, the judge or court order or in relation with the performance of the company in the decision assignment that can be assigned qayyim, the decision of the administrative organ and of the validity of the process or of the Governing Body are held by the Trustee subject to the approval of governing body of partnership shares or securities administration authority or the authority with the authority that is given to the complete record of be clearly stated, self-qayyim ...

    18-07-2017 Updated at 14:18:33 by Av.Orhan AKA

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  3. Examination according to the decision of the High Court and the crime of insulting

    Of the Turkish Penal Code for “insult” titled 125. Item:

    “(1) A person honor, dignity and reputation could hurt nature a concrete verb or case appoint, or cursing a person's dignity, honour and reputation of the person who attacked, or a judicial fine shall be punished with imprisonment of three months to two years. The victim in absentia can be punished for the insult at least three of the verb to ihtilat the need to be processed.
    (2) any act, victims of an addressee field of audio, written, or

    23-05-2017 Updated at 21:33:56 by Av.Orhan AKA

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  4. Punitive Damages In Divorce Cases

    Of the Turkish Civil Code, regulating the spiritual compensation in divorce 174/2 item: “the face of events that led to divorce, the rights of individuals in the party who attacked was defective, on the other hand, non-pecuniary damage of the appropriate amount may be paid.”

    As can be understood from the text of the article, divorce due to nonpecuniary damages for the demanding compensation is imperfect or less perfect by the fact that, besides the personal rights of the events that caused the divorce
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  5. The right to compensation of victims of military espionage case

    In this article, and public opinion been seen in Izmir “Military espionage” case is known as in the case of the victim/complainant in his capacity as the members are held about the indictment clearly tagging of records without taking any measure due to take place as requested moral compensation is concerned with.

    Mail the launch of the probe report in 2010, 49% decided to the arrest of 93 suspects, a career Soldier, Izmir, Republic of Turkey Bassavciliginc, “with intent to commit a crime
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